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Small fixes
authorJan Wielemaker
Thu Jul 19 21:27:47 2018 +0200
committerWiki manager
Thu Jul 19 21:27:47 2018 +0200
Diff style: patch stat
diff --git a/changes/stack-limit.txt b/changes/stack-limit.txt
index 23caf49..2adf450 100644
--- a/changes/stack-limit.txt
+++ b/changes/stack-limit.txt
@@ -6,9 +6,12 @@ as well as the command line options `-L`, `-G` and `-T`.
 In recent version the stack limit is controlled by a single limit per
 thread that is controlled by the Prolog flag `stack_limit` and the
-command line argument `--stack_limit=size`, where `size` is a number
+command line argument =|--stack_limit=size|=, where `size` is a number
 that is optionally postfixed with one of `BKMG` for _bytes_, _Kbytes_
-_Mbytes_ or _Gbytes_.
+_Mbytes_ or _Gbytes_.  Note that digit grouping may be used to write
+large integers.  For example, setting the limit to 10Gb may use
+    set_prolog_flag(stack_limit, 10 000 000 000).
 Calls to set_prolog_stack/2 that set the limit are translated to setting
 the Prolog flag and printing a _deprecated_ warning.