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TAP Input/Output Test Suite

Definition of input/output tests for the XML Validator following the Test Anything Protocol (TAP).

Run Tests

The defined tests can be run using the following command:

swipl -q -g main -t halt -s test.pl

This produces a TAP compatible output like the following:

TAP version 13
ok 1 - [element_string] Simple xs:string
ok 2 - [element_string] Empty xs:string
ok 3 - [element_integer] Simple xs:integer
ok 4 - [element_integer] Not a number

The identifier given in the square brackets references the tested XML Schema (located in the schema directory), the following name identifies the called test.

Define Tests

Each file in the schema directory will be used as a XSD instance. The test runner test.pl will look for a corresponding Prolog file in the validation directory. There, new tests can be specified in the following form using the `{|xml|| ... |}` quasi quotation:

  <!-- Some XSD instance, i.e. XML document -->

Please note that the Testname must be given as atom and must be unique within a certain validation file.

To define failing tests, i.e. to define XML documents which should be recognized as no valid instances of the given XML Schema, simply extend the Testname by (fail), e.g. 'Not a valid integer'(fail).