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Packs (add-ons) for SWI-Prolog

Package "ffimatrix"

Title:Operations with matrices using Prolog and C
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Latest version:0.1.0
SHA1 sum:be71c22bd273910803bc1fd4a521abd73572cc48
Author:Fabrizio Riguzzi <fabrizio.riguzzi@unife.it>
Marco Alberti <marco.alberti@unife.it>
Mattia Tempestini <mattia.tempestini@student.unife.it>


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SWI-Prolog pack for matrix operations. Now being rewritten to use the new FFI library for SWI-Prolog. Work in progress, do not use for now.

Contents of pack "ffimatrix"

Pack contains 14 files holding a total of 64.1K bytes.