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Package "nanp"

Title:phone numbers in the North American Numbering Plan
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Latest version:0.1.0
SHA1 sum:3c6f61ad75d752aca797d7c024ad8c0b08aca652
Author:Michael Hendricks <michael@ndrix.org>
Maintainer:Michael Hendricks <michael@ndrix.org>
Packager:Michael Hendricks <michael@ndrix.org>
Home page:https://github.com/mndrix/nanp
Download URL:https://github.com/mndrix/nanp/archive/v0.1.0.zip


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:- use_module(library(nanp), []).

?- nanp:format(e_164,nanp(760,666,8462),String).
String = "+17606668462".

?- nanp:format(traditional,Num,`(760) 666-8462`).
Num = nanp(760, 666, 8462).


A library for working with telephone numbers assigned under the North American Numbering Plan. This includes telephone numbers from many countries in North America and the Caribbean.


Using SWI-Prolog 7.1 or later:

?- pack_install(nanp).

This module uses semantic versioning.

Source code available and pull requests accepted at http://github.com/mndrix/nanp

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