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Prolog files

rdf11.pl  -- RDF 1.1 APIShow source
rdf11_containers.pl  -- RDF 1.1 ContainersShow source
rdf_cache.pl  -- Cache RDF triplesShow source
rdf_compare.pl  -- Compare RDF graphsShow source
rdf_db.pl  -- Core RDF databaseShow source
rdf_edit.pl  -- RDF edit layerShow source
rdf_http_plugin.pl  -- RDF HTTP PluginShow source
rdf_library.pl  -- RDF Library ManagerShow source
rdf_attach_library/1Attach manifest from Source.Source
rdf_current_manifest/1True if URL is the URL of a currently loaded manifest file.Source
rdf_library_index/2Query the content of the library.Source
rdf_library_source/2True of Source is the URL that is part of the given library Id.Source
rdf_list_library/0Prints known RDF library identifiers to current output.Source
rdf_list_library/1Print library dependency tree to the terminal.Source
rdf_list_library/2Print library dependency tree to the terminal.Source
rdf_load_library/1Load ontologies from the library.Source
rdf_load_library/2Load ontologies from the library.Source
rdf_litindex.pl  -- Search literalsShow source
rdf_ntriples.pl  -- Process files in the RDF N-Triples formatShow source
rdf_persistency.pl  -- RDF persistency pluginShow source
rdf_portray.pl  -- Portray RDF resourcesShow source
rdf_prefixes.pl  -- RDF prefixes managementShow source
ns/2Dynamic and multifile predicate that maintains the registered namespace aliases.Source
rdf_current_prefix/2Query predefined prefixes and prefixes defined with rdf_register_prefix/2 and local prefixes defined with rdf_prefix/2.Source
rdf_empty_prefix_cache/2Multifile hook called if the binding Alias -> URI is modified.Source
rdf_global_id/2Convert between Prefix:Local and full IRI (an atom).Source
rdf_global_object/2Same as rdf_global_id/2, but intended for dealing with the object part of a triple, in particular the type for typed literals.Source
rdf_global_term/2Performs rdf_global_id/2 on predixed IRIs and rdf_global_object/2 on RDF literals, by recursively analysing the term.Source
rdf_meta/1This directive defines the argument types of the named predicates, which will force compile time namespace expansion for these predicates.Source
rdf_prefix/2Register a local prefix.Source
rdf_register_ns/2Register an RDF prefix.Source
rdf_register_ns/3Register an RDF prefix.Source
rdf_register_prefix/2Register Prefix as an abbreviation for URI.Source
rdf_register_prefix/3Register Prefix as an abbreviation for URI.Source
rdf_unregister_prefix/1Delete a prefix global registration.Source
register_file_prefixes/1Register a namespace as encounted in the namespace list of an RDF document.Source
rdf_sandbox.pl  -- Declare RDF API sandbox-safeShow source
rdf_turtle.pl  -- Turtle readerShow source
rdf_turtle_write.pl  -- Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language writerShow source
rdf_save_canonical_trig/2Save triples in a canonical format.Source
rdf_save_canonical_turtle/2Save triples in a canonical format.Source
rdf_save_ntriples/2Save RDF using ntriples format.Source
rdf_save_trig/2Save multiple RDF graphs into a TriG file.Source
rdf_save_turtle/2Save an RDF graph as Turtle.Source
rdf_zlib_plugin.pl  -- RDF compressed-data pluginShow source
rdfa.pl  -- Extract RDF from an HTML or XML DOMShow source
rdfs.pl  -- RDFS handlingShow source
sparql_client.pl  -- SPARQL client libraryShow source
sparql_query/3Execute a SPARQL query on an HTTP SPARQL endpoint.Source
sparql_read_json_result/2The returned Result term is of the format:.Source
sparql_read_xml_result/2Specs from http://www.w3.org/TR/rdf-sparql-XMLres/.Source
sparql_set_server/1Set sparql server default options.Source
turtle.pl  -- Turtle: Terse RDF Triple LanguageShow source