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Prolog files

autowin.plShow source
dragdrop.plShow source
emacs_extend.plShow source
declare_emacs_mode/2Specifies that PceEmacs mode `ModeName' may be defined by (auto)loading `FileSpec'.Source
declare_emacs_mode/3Sames as declare_emacs_mode/2.Source
gui_tracer.pl  -- Graphical debugger utilitiesShow source
help_message.plShow source
hyper.plShow source
imageops.plShow source
pce.plShow source
pce_arm.plShow source
pce_config.pl  -- XPCE congifuration databaseShow source
pce_dispatch.pl  -- Run XPCE in a separate threadShow source
pce_emacs.pl  -- PceEmacs toplevelShow source
pce_help_file.plShow source
pce_image.plShow source
pce_main.plShow source
pce_loop/1Runs `Goal', finds all toplevel frames created and then dispatches events untill the last frame is destroyed.Source
pce_loop/2Runs `Goal', finds all toplevel frames created and then dispatches events untill the last frame is destroyed.Source
pce_main_loop/1Simple XPCE runtime toplevel loop.Source
pce_manual.pl  -- Start XPCE manualShow source
pce_meta.pl  -- Reflection support for XPCEShow source
classify_class/2Classify an XPCE class.Source
current_class/2Convert between name and class object.Source
implements/2True if Class implements the method.Source
implements/3True if Class implements the method.Source
isa_class/2Succeeds if Sub is Super or below Super.Source
pce_library_class/4Examine the library index for defined classes.Source
pce_to_method/2Object is the XPCE object described by Spec.Source
pce_to_pl_type/2Convert an XPCE Type object to our type-checkers type-logic.Source
to_class_name/2Convert a name or class-object into a class name.Source
type_accepts_function/1Succeeds if Type accepts function arguments.Source
pce_prolog_xref.plShow source
pce_report.plShow source
pce_shell.plShow source
pce_tagged_connection.plShow source
pce_template.plShow source
use_class_template/1Handled by the XPCE class compiler.Source
pce_tick_box.plShow source
pce_toc.plShow source
pce_unclip.plShow source
pce_util.plShow source
pce_xref.pl  -- Cross-referencer front-endShow source
persistent_frame.pl  -- Save/restore layout of XPCE windowsShow source
print_graphics.plShow source
prolog_predicate.plShow source
swi_compatibility.pl  -- XPCE Compatibility layerShow source
auto_call/1Autoload Goal and call it.Source
callable_predicate/1Succeeds if Head can be called without raising an exception for an undefined predicate.Source
modified_since_last_loaded/1True is file has been modified since the last time it was loaded.Source
pce_error/1Portability layer wrappers around print_message/2.Source
pce_info/1Portability layer wrappers around print_message/2.Source
pce_warn/1Portability layer wrappers around print_message/2.Source
swi_hooks.pl  -- Hook XPCE based graphics tools into IDEShow source
swi_ide.pl  -- SWI-Prolog IDE controllerShow source
swi_preferences.pl  -- Edit preferences filesShow source
prolog_edit_preferences/1Edit the specified user preference file.Source
tabbed_window.plShow source
tabular.plShow source
toolbar.plShow source