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Issues with library(pce)


The library(pce) provides graphics to SWI-Prolog. It isn't needed to run Prolog, but you need it for:

  • Almost all development tools: editor, source navigator, cross-referencer, profiler, graphical debugger, etc.
  • The SPARQL implementation of ClioPatria uses it for regular expressions in SPARQL.


Linux packages
Quite a few Linux packages for SWI-Prolog have a separate package for xpce because it requires X11. For example:
  • Debian based:
    apt-get install swi-prolog-x
Sources on Unix systems
Often the jpeg or Xpm development libraries are missing. See here.
On the Mac, the latest version of XQuartz is generally required. See https://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/ If you build from source, make sure you have libjpeg and libXpm.
There are no known problems on this platform wrt. library(pce).