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The Wumpus World - A description

The so-called Wumpus World is a prominent example of the knowledge representation and reasoning community since many years. It has been discussed in Russell and Norvig's book Artificial Intelligence.

The rules

The neighbourhood of a node consists of the four squares north, south, east, west of the given square.


The percepts of the Wumpus agent are defined as follows:
  • Stench is perceived at a square iff the Wumpus is at this square or in its neighbourhood.
  • Breeze is perceived at a square iff a pit is in the neighborhood of this square.
  • Glitter is perceived at a square iff gold is in this square.
  • Scream is perceived in the whole Wumpus World iff the arrow just shot the Wumpus dead.


An agent can do the following actions (one at a time):
  • The agent can Go forward in the direction it is currently facing, or Turn clockwise.
  • The agent has a single arrow that it can Shoot. It will go straight in the direction faced by the agent until it hits (and kills) the wumpus, or hits (and is absorbed by) a wall.
  • The agent can Grab a portable object at the current square or it can Release an object that it is holding.
  • The agent can Enter and Exit the cave at square (1,1).

After entering the cave at square (1,1) the agent faces north initially. The agent dies if it is in the same square as the wumpus. The objective of the game is to kill the Wumpus, to find and pick up the gold, and to exit the with the gold.