Using Sass

While Bootstrap is built on Less, it also has an official Sass port. We maintain it in a separate GitHub repository and handle updates with a conversion script.

What's included

Since the Sass port has a separate repo and serves a slightly different audience, the contents of the project differ greatly from the main Bootstrap project. This ensures the Sass port is as compatible with as many Sass-based systems as possible.

Path Description
lib/ Ruby gem code (Sass configuration, Rails and Compass integrations)
tasks/ Converter scripts (turning upstream Less to Sass)
test/ Compilation tests
templates/ Compass package manifest
vendor/assets/ Sass, JavaScript, and font files
Rakefile Internal tasks, such as rake and convert

Visit the Sass port's GitHub repository to see these files in action.


For information on how to install and use Bootstrap for Sass, consult the GitHub repository readme. It's the most up to date source and includes information for use with Rails, Compass, and standard Sass projects.

Bootstrap for Sass