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check_installation.pl -- Check installation issues and features
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This library performs checks on the installed system to verify which optional components are available and whether all libraries that load shared objects/DLLs can be loaded.

Source check_installation
Check features of the installed system. Performs the following tests:
  1. Test whether features that depend on optional libraries are present (e.g., unbounded arithmetic support)
  2. Test that all standard libraries that depend on foreign code are present.
  3. provides a test_installation predicate to run the tests at runtime if the system was built with -DINSTALL_TESTS

If issues are found it prints a diagnostic message with a link to a wiki page with additional information about the issue.

Source check_installation(-Issues:list(pair)) is det
As check_installation/0, but additionally returns a list of Component-Problem pairs. Problem is one of optional_not_found (optional component is not present), not_found (component is not present) or failed (component is present but cannot be loaded).
Source test_installation is semidet
Source test_installation(+Options) is semidet
Run regression tests in the installed system. Requires the system to be built using

Options processed:

When false, do not test the packages
Only test package package.
Source check_config_files
Examines the locations of config files. The config files have moved in version 8.1.15
Source update_config_files
Move config files from their old location to the new if the file or directory exists in the old location but not in the new.