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check_installation.pl -- Check installation issues and features
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This library performs checks on the installed system to verify which optional components are available and whether all libraries that load shared objects/DLLs can be loaded.

Source component(?Component, -Features) is nondet[private]
This predicate describes the test components. Features is a dict with the following components:
(Additional) test that must succeed for the component to be functional.
URL with additional information, relative to http://www.swi-prolog.org/build/issues/. If not provided, the library file with extension .html is used.
If the library does not exist, do not complain.
One of windows, unix or linux. If present, the component is only checked for if we are running on a version of the specified operating system.
After successful evaluation that loading and basic operation of the component succeeds, run this to check additional features.
Source check_installation
Check features of the installed system. Performs the following tests:
  1. Test whether features that depend on optional libraries are present (e.g., unbounded arithmetic support)
  2. Test that all standard libraries that depend on foreign code are present.
  3. provides a test_installation predicate to run the tests at runtime if the system was built with -DINSTALL_TESTS

If issues are found it prints a diagnostic message with a link to a wiki page with additional information about the issue.

Source check_installation(-Issues:list(pair)) is det
As check_installation/0, but additionally returns a list of Component-Problem pairs. Problem is one of optional_not_found (optional component is not present), not_found (component is not present) or failed (component is present but cannot be loaded).
Source test_component(+Properties) is semidet[private]
Run additional tests to see whether the component really works.
Source check_features(+Properties) is semidet[private]
Check for additional features of the components.
See also
- check_component/1 should be used for checking that the component works.
Source run_silent(:Goal, +Properties) is semidet[private]
Succeed if Goal succeeds and does not print any errors or warnings.
Source run_collect_messages(Goal, Result, Messages) is det[private]
Run Goal, unify Result with true, false or exception(Error) and messages with a list of generated error and warning messages. Each message is a term:
See also
- message_hook/3.
Source test_tcmalloc[private]
Source archive_features[private]
Report features supported by library(archive).
Source pcre_features[private]
Source jquery_file[private]
Test whether jquery.js can be found
Source check_on_path[private]
Validate that Prolog is installed in $PATH. Only performed if the running executable is a normal executable file, assuming some special installation such as the WASM version otherwise.
Source test_installation is semidet
Source test_installation(+Options) is semidet
Run regression tests in the installed system. Requires the system to be built using

Options processed:

When false, do not test the packages
Only test package package.
Source check_config_files
Examines the locations of config files. The config files have moved in version 8.1.15
Source update_config_files
Move config files from their old location to the new if the file or directory exists in the old location but not in the new.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

Source test_installation(Arg1)