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xmlenc.pl -- XML encryption library
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This library is a partial implementation of the XML encryption standard. It implements the decryption part, which is needed by SAML clients.

See also
- https://www.w3.org/TR/xmlenc-core1/
- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Security_Assertion_Markup_Language
Source decrypt_xml(+DOMIn, -DOMOut, :KeyCallback, +Options) is det
KeyCallback- may be called as follows:
  • call(KeyCallback, name, KeyName, Key)
  • call(KeyCallback, public_key, public_key(RSA), Key)
  • call(KeyCallback, certificate, Certificate, Key)
 decrypt_element(+Attributes, +EncryptedData, -DecryptedElement, +Options)[private]
Decrypt an EncryptedData element with Attributes and child EncryptedData DecryptedElement will either be an element/3 term or a string as dictacted by the Type attribute in Attributes. If Attributes does not contain a Type attribute then we assume it is a string
Source load_certificate_from_base64_string(+String, -Certificate) is det
Loads a certificate from a string, adding newlines and header where appropriate so that OpenSSL 1.0.1+ will be able to parse it