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Contributors to SWI-Prolog

If you want to know all the people who contributed to SWI-Prolog you should scan the sources and ChangeLog files. Here we list the more frequent or significant contributions. Contact Jan Wielemaker if you want to be put on, removed from this list or you have other suggestions. People are listed in alphabetical order.

Authors are people who contributed new code or (many) patches

  • Anjo Anjewierden (initial developer of XPCE, the SWI-Prolog native graphics system)
  • Anne Ogborn (website, tutorials, lots of comments)
  • Benoit Desouter (initial version of tabling)
  • Carlo Capelli (Qt-based console)
  • Degski (FANN, Windows porting)
  • Fabrizio Riguzzi (initial version of mode directed tabling)
  • Giorgos Stoilos (isub/4: fuzzy string matching)
  • Jan Wielemaker (main developer and maintainer)
  • Jan van der Steen (SSL interface)
  • Jeff Rosenwald (TIPC interface, Google protocol buffers)
  • Keri Harris (testing, patches, MinGW port, lock free tables)
  • Douglas Miles (verify_attributes/3 hook)
  • Kuniaki Mukai (implementation of =@=/2 (variant/2)
  • Leslie de Koninck (CLP(QR) port)
  • Marcus Uneson (library(optparse))
  • Markus Triska (CLP(FD), other (constraint) libraries and SSL enhancements)
  • Matt Lilley (testing, patches, HTTP proxies, CQL, SSL enhancements)
  • Nicos Angelopoulos (R-interface, discussion about embedding other languages)
  • Paul Singleton (JPL, interface to Java)
  • Paulo Moura (provided library(yall), Macports maintainer)
  • Randy Sharp (fixing many typos in the documentation; ongoing work)
  • Richard O'Keefe (sort/2, libraries, extensive comments)
  • Roberto Bagnara and Abramo Bagnara (MinGW port, helped fixing many bugs)
  • Sebastian Sardina (enhancements and debugging JPL)
  • Samer Abdallah (OSC, MIDI, Random and Matlab interfaces)
  • Sergey Tikhonov (testing multi-threading, patches)
  • Tom Schrijvers (CHR, initial constraint libraries)
  • Torbj√∂rn Lager (Pengines)
  • Ulrich Neumerkel (testing, `purification', patches)
  • Uwe Lesta (interface to C#)
  • Vitor Santos Costa (various libraries copied from YAP)
  • Willem Robert van Hage (space package: multi-dimensional indexing)
  • Wouter Beek (website, many enhancements and bug reports, discussion)

Package Maintainers

  • Eugeniy Meshcheryakov - Official Ubuntu package
  • Yves Raimond - Debian PPA (with Eugeniy)
  • Lev Lamberov - Debian packages

Other Contributors

  • Bart Demoen (advice, notably constraint infrastructure)
  • Bob Wielinga (finding projects to support SWI-Prolog)
  • Guus Schreiber (providing a new home at the VU University, Amsterdam)
  • securitease.png Mike Elston; testing, funding of GMP, SSL and the 5.9.x stack-shifter
  • Paulo Moura (testing, provides MacOS ports, made Logtalk available)
  • Steve Moyle (funding of PlUnit and PlDoc)
  • Steve Reeves (design of the logo)
  • Jessica Chan (design of new website)
  • osllogo.png Oregon State University Open Source Lab Donates US server for swi-prolog.org
  • fastly.png Fastly.com Donates content distribution network services
  • kyndi.png Kyndi Sponsored library(yall)
  • simularity.png Simularity, Inc. Sponsored JavaPengines and RubyPengines.
  • CWI.png (providing a new home)

Open Source projects used by SWI-Prolog