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How do I contribute?

Several ways to contribute to SWI-Prolog

Here are some ideas from the easiest one:

How do I improve the website?

You can edit pages like this by making pull requests on these GitHub repositories:

  • The source code for these wiki pages (static content) is in plweb-www
  • The source code for this web server is in plweb

You can preview your edits in your local machine. Follow the instructions in the plweb repository.

How do I write or improve documentation?

The documentation is part of the source code and thus the general guidelines of Submit a patch apply. The documentation itself appears in three formats:

  • LaTeX, mostly in the man subdirectory. The files have extension .doc, but are in fact LaTeX files that are preprocessed to create automatic links to predicates and functions.
  • Markdown files, mostly .md, but .txt is also used.
  • Documentation in the source code using PlDoc

To preview your new documentation, build the system and use help/1:

?- help(mypredicate).

See CMAKE.md in the source directory for building the PDF documentation.