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7.6.0-rc1 available
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Stable release version 7.6.0-rc has been uploaded. Please test and report issues to the mailinglist or GitHub.

Highlights for 7.6:

  • Support for mode-directed tabling, initiated by Fabrizio Riguzzi.
  • Speedup for delimited continuations and fix of the interface. Notably boosts tabling.
  • Support for multi-argument indexing, sponsored by Kyndi
  • Restore first-load semantics while reloading files. Implemented by Keri Harris.
  • Many additions to SSL interface. Support for OpenSSL 1.1, LibreSSL, access to many more cryptographic and TSL features by Markus Triska. Support for XML encription, signatures and SAML by Matt Lilley.
  • Many enhancements to concurrency: less locking, run global collectors in their own thread, fixed race conditions.
  • Perl Compatible Regular Expression (PCRE) package, supporting native C regex without xpce.
  • Better control of application startup using initialization/2.
  • Lots of additions and fixes.
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