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SWI-Prolog Used For Satellite Anomaly Detection
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Simularity, Inc. has announced a new SWI-Prolog driven Anomaly Detection technology.

SWI-Prolog has helped create a new technology.

It's easy enough to detect differences between two satellite images of the same area.

It's much harder to eliminate differences in the images caused by 'normal' factors such as different lighting, satellite position, and clouds.

And until now it's been impossible to automatically distinguish between unimportant changes like normal movement of vehicles and change of season, and important changes like new construction or the appearance of vehicles in areas where they didn't previously appear.

Now Simularity has developed Simularity AI-ADS, a system that can distinguish important changes from unimportant ones, using AI techniques.

Simularity recently partnered with Taqnia Services, the technology development company owned by the investment arm of the Saudi Arabian government, to provide imagery analysis services in Saudi Arabia.

Peter Koning, VP of Sales for Simularity,says "SWI-Prolog was crucial for our success. We couldn't have done this in any language but Prolog, and SWI-Prolog gave us the performance and library support we needed"

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