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The SWI-Prolog website runs on SWI-Prolog for about 6 years. It grew out of a big mess the site was before then. The new PlDoc integrated the Prolog documentation from various sources. Unfortunately I didn't think carefully about the navigation and over the year the organization got worse and worse.

... Until Anne Ogborn was brave enough to analyse the site and traffic and come up with a new architecture. Jessica Chan, not even a Prolog user, did a great job in styling the new site such that doesn't look terribly flashy and stopped looking awfully geeky. All the poorly aligned geeky stuff that is still in some corners is not her fault. Wouter Beek wrote a new comment and news facility, exploring the usage of a proper REST interface. I rewrote the data storage to use the new dict datatype.

Thanks for all the cooperation!

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