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Wouter Beek earned cum laude PhD!
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Wouter Beek successfully defended his thesis "The ‘K’ in ‘Semantic Web’ stands for ‘Knowledge’" at the VU. He earned cum laude PhD, which happens to only about 5% of the computer science PhDs in the Netherlands!

Wouter's work depends to a large extend on the SWI-Prolog semantic web infrastructure. He contributed with many bug reports and patiently explained all the subtle things about the relevant W3C standards to me. In addition he developed the semweb/rdf11 library, providing a much cleaner API to deal with RDF than the original semweb/rdf_db. Wouter's contributions made the SWI-Prolog semantic web libraries robust and standard compliant. It is now to use them for expressing knowledge!

Wouter, congratulations and thanks for the (still ongoing) collaboration!

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