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Pack ape -- java/README.md

Java Interface for APE

The Java Interface for APE is part of the Attempto Parsing Engine (APE). Copyright 2008-2013, Attempto Group, University of Zurich (http://attempto.ifi.uzh.ch).


To simplify calling APE from Java programs, we provide the ACEParser interface which is effectively a Java-style front-end to querying the predicate get_ape_results/2. ACEParser is implemented by the following classes:

  • APELocal accesses APE via JPL, the bidirectional Prolog/Java interface, which is included in the SWI-Prolog installation;
  • APESocket accesses APE via its socket server;
  • APEWebservice accesses APE via its HTTP server.

Building with Maven

The Java Interface for APE can be compiled into a single jar-file attempto-ape.jar.

First install SWI-Prolog's JPL into your local Maven repository. See [install-jpl.sh](install-jpl.sh) for an example on how do it. You might also need to update the JPL version number in pom.xml to match your version of SWI-Prolog.

Building the jar-file.

mvn package -DskipTests

Building the documentation, licenses, etc.

mvn site


In order to run the unit tests (`mvn test`), first compile ape.exe.

For the APELocal tests to succeed, place ape.exe into the APE root directory and execute (in any directory):

eval `swipl -dump-runtime-variables`
export LD_PRELOAD=$PLBASE/lib/$PLARCH/libjpl.so:$PLBASE/lib/$PLARCH/libswipl.so

For the APESocket tests to succeed, start the APE socket server:

ape.exe -server -port 5000

For the APEWebservice tests to succeed, start the APE HTTP server:

ape.exe -httpserver -port 8000

Now run

mvn test