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Pack ape -- prolog/lexicon/functionwords.pl
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This module stores the different kinds of function words.

- Kaarel Kaljurand
- Tobias Kuhn
- 2008-06-26
 functionword(?FunctionWord) is det
 variable(+Word) is det
 rawnumber_number(+RawNumber:term, -Number:integer) is det
RawNumber- is either an integer or an English word denoting a small positive integer
Number- is an integer

Only integers 0-12 are supported as words.

 propername_prefix(+Prefix:atom, +Gender:atom, +Type:atom) is det
 noun_prefix(+Prefix:atom, +Gender:atom, +Type:atom) is det
 verb_prefix(+Prefix:atom, +Type:atom) is det
 modif_prefix(+Prefix:atom) is det
Definition of prefixes. Support for words which are not in the lexicon. Undefined words have to start with a prefix (e.g. `n' or `v'), e.g.
A man v:backs-up the n:web-page of the n:pizza-delivery-service.


  • syntax disambiguates (and not morphology): the n:blah runs. AND the n:blah run. get different readings (singular vs plural respectively) the n:blah v:qwerty. (gets only singular reading, since this is arrived at first)

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

 propername_prefix(Arg1, Arg2)
 noun_prefix(Arg1, Arg2)