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Pack ape -- prolog/utils/owlswrl/owlswrl_to_xml.pl
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- Kaarel Kaljurand
- 2013-02-06
- support for datatype properties is not implemented or buggy
To be done
- anonymous individuals should not be turned into regular individuals

% It would be good to output also AnonymousIndividual, but this needs more work, % e.g. "There is a woman that every man likes." is rejected by the OWL-API OWLXMLParser: % Element not found: Expected at least one individual in object oneOf % Note sure why this is not allowed...

- Use abbreviated IRIs and prefix declarations, no need for atom concat
- Cover all of OWL/SWRL not just the constructs that ACE->OWL/SWRL generates
 owlswrl_to_xml(+OWL:term, -XML:term) is det
OWL- is OWL ontology in Functional-Style Syntax (Prolog notation)
XML- is OWL ontology in XML (SWI-Prolog's XML notation)