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Pack bio_analytics -- README.md

Computational biology data analytics.

Collects a number of biological data analytics tasks. This library provides tools for the bio_db served data, empowering downstream analyses of user's experimental data.

Installation and loading:

?- pack_install(bio_analytics).
      % also installs pack(lib). other dependencies are at load time via lib
?- use_module(library(lib)).
?- lib(bio_analytics).

The library comes with one experimental dataset: data/silac/bt.csv which is used in the example files in directory examples/ .

pack info

  • author nicos angelopoulos
  • version 0.1 2019/4/22
  • version 0.2 2019/5/08
  • version 0.3 2019/5/11
  • licence MIT



and bio_db