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Pack bio_analytics -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ---

TBD 20.09.06 EXAMPLES: mouse examples

0.6 @ 23.06.06 23.06.05 OPTS: added go_frame() in exp_go_over/1, default behaviour changed 23.06.02 DEPS: load <- library("ggplot2") within the Prolog code- at run time 0.5 @ 22.01.02 23.01.02 IFACE: change bio_db map_ predicate names 22.12.21 CHANGED: remove '' from DE lists in exp_go_over/3 FIXED: properly propagate id modifiers in unversse of exp_go_over/3 IFACE: bio_symbols/3 uniform way to produce symbol lists 22.12.20 OPTS: new exp_go_over/3 opt(universe) value: go OPTS: new Org(anism): gallus OPTS: new org_exp_id(ExpID) adds more flexibilty to inputs 22.12.16 IFACE: exp_diffex/4 -> bio_diffex/4 (+ option which(dx(Up,Dw))) IFACE: new predicate, bio_volcano_plot/2 CHANGED: all R loads are now promised loads 22.12.15 OPTS: which(Up,Down) returning indexes of selected
0.4 @ 20.09.18 20.09.17 OPTS: viz_de_opts() new value diffex_only IFACE: exp_go_over_string_graphs_multi/1 20.09.14 OPTS: de_mtx() return or record diffex portion of matrix 20.09.09 OPTS: de_max() maximum number of DEs 20.09.08 FIXED: replace / in go term name based filenames to OR 20.09.07 DEBUG: started channel ba(info) (see debug_call(_,info,_)) DEBUG: removed edges (duplicate entries in string) are info displayed OPTS: go_pair_ord() in both exp_go_over_string_graphs/4 & go_string_graph/3 OPTS: universe(go_exp), combining experimental and go identifiers 20.09.06 IFACE: max_overs() option OPTS: standarised organism() option to org() IFACE: cohese() option (only max, currently) OPTIM: only look up half the string edges (ordered) 20.09.05 FIXED: bug on mgim_symbol order in exp_go_over FIXED: bug, missing argument in go_over_universe_exp/4 OPTIM: pass existing list of DE into go_over_universe/5 20.09.03 OPTIM: convert maplist to a loop IFACE: exp_diffex/4 can now return matrices IFACE: exp_go_over_string_graphs/4 allows restriction OPTS: stem_type() more values and addition to exp_go_over_string_graphs/4 20.09.02 FIXED: lib(end(bio_db)) typo in loading code

0.3 @ 19.05.12 19.05.10 EXAMPLE: bt_over_go_string 19.05.09 CHANGED: edge_strg_symb/4 to org_edge_strg_symb/4

0.2 @ 19.05.08 19.05.07 IFACE: exp_go_over_string_graphs/4 EXAMPLE: bt_go_string.pl 19.05.02 DOC: exp_diffex/4 uses pack data

0.1 @ 19.04.22 19.03.05 IFACE: started collecting code into package