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Pack canny_tudor -- prolog/os/lc.pl
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 lc_r(+Extensions:list) is det
Recursively counts and prints a table of the number of lines within read-access files having one of the given Extensions found in the current directory or one of its sub-directories. Prints the results in line-count descending order with the total count appearing first against an asterisk, standing for all lines counted.
 lc_r(-Pairs, +Options) is det
Counts lines in files recursively within the current directory.
 lc_r(+Directory, -Pairs, +Options) is det
Counts lines within files starting at Directory.
 lc(+Directory, -Pairs, +Options) is det
Counts lines in files starting at Directory and using Options. Counts for each file concurrently in order to maintain high performance.
Pairs- is a list of atom-integer pairs where the relative path of a matching text file is the first pair-element, and the number of lines counted is the second pair-element.