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Pack canny_tudor -- prolog/swi/zip.pl
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 zip_file_info(+File, -Name, -Attrs, -Zipper) is nondet
Non-deterministically walks through the members of a zip File, moving the Zipper current member. It does not read the contents of the zip members, by design. You can use the Name argument to select a member or members before reading.
Zipper- unifies with the open Zipper for reading using zipper_codes/3 or zipper_open_current/3.
 zipper_codes(+Zipper, -Codes, +Options) is semidet
Reads the current Zipper file as Codes. Options may be:
  • encoding(utf8) for UTF-8 encoded text, or
  • type(binary) for binary octets, and so on.