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Pack ccprism -- haskell/README

Graph catamorphism (semiring graph fold) in Haskell.

There are several implementations here:

cata1 - Basic version, not very nice Viterbi using max_by_fst to factorise max lattice cata2 - Using Orders module to build max lattice in steps from an order, least element, and payload type cata3 - Simplify algebra and catamorphism types by absorbing parameter maps (theta fns) into inj fn. Add memoisation for big speed up. Memoised version computes inside probs faster than PRISM.

Models are represented as functions which map a goal in the model to a list of explanations.

dice - Sum of K tetrahedral dice model. hmm - Hidden Markov model, with both list and index representations of progress through chain.

There are some supporting modules:

common - some utility functions, generalised monoid type (Binoid a b = (a -> b -> b, b) and instances for multiplication, addition and list building. Also data type VTree for representing Viterbi tree. graph - Type and helper function for building explanation graphs orders - Slightly overengineered system for building lattice (for Viterbi stuff) from order relation memotrie - Pure and lazy memoisation using tries main - Top level function for testing and timing execution.