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Pack chat80 -- prolog/chat80/README

/* @(#)README 24.1 4/13/88 */

This README file is a simple description about how to run the programs in this directory. Read BENCH.DOC for a better description.

To run chat:

| ?- compile(chat). ....... | ?- demo(mini). % Runs a small set of demo questions | ?- demo(main). % Runs a larger set of demo questions | ?- test_chat. % Runs the large set of demo questions % and produces a table of statistics

or you can run chat interactively by giving the goal | ?- hi. % prompts for questions then gives you the prompt


Chat is now expecting a question. E.g.

Question: where is France?

Capital letters are not distinguished from lower case. If Chat does not understand a word it prompts you to re-type it (or a synonym for it). This word must be terminated with a period.

Apart from questions, the following directives are accepted by Chat:

Question: bye.                  (exits back to the Prolog top level)

Question: trace.                (turns on Chat's tracing mechanism)
Question: do not trace.         (turns off the tracing mechanism)
Question: do mini demo.         (calls demo(mini))
Question: do main demo.         (calls demo(main))
Question: test chat.            (calls test_chat)