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Pack cosmos -- readme_dev.txt

# Or 'how to compile files in development'.

Currently, a way to compile a module.

./cosmos -l [name] ;this will compile a file 'name.co' into name.pl and run it, using cosmos.pl as basis

If that doesn't work, the pl2 unix/cygwin script will use an older compiler.

./pl2 [name] ;sh pl2 name


The /prolog folder is meant to enable it to be used as a Prolog pack.

Consult Swi-Prolog documentation.

Or open /prolog/cosmos.pl and type 'cstart'. See readme_pack.


make main; ./cosmos -q x=1

Makefile is meant to make an executable (see Swi-Prolog documentation on executables).

Cosmos is in BETA. Do not expect arbitrary code to work. It'll show development info.

A lot of code does work. Look at .co files for examples. Cosmos is built in itself.


Most of the debug info is still done with 'print' statements.

To enable/disable printing, say in the code generator, simply go to gen2.co (the part that generates .pl code) and change (comment/uncomment) the 'debug' relation.