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A simple DSL in Prolog to implement workflows as trees of coroutines


workflow('release_project', Props) :-


    props( Props ), module(workflow_module),

        % data exchange between tasks happens through variable unification


                   [ node(task('sync git repo', [ParentRepoVersions]), []),

                     node(task('modify parent repo versions', [ParentRepoVersions]), [])




Assuming that:

  • tasks and dialogs are available in a user's module workflow_module
  • tasks make use of wf_ask_parameter to ask for some input, at whichever stage of completion they are in, before they get resumed
  • dialogs make use of wf_input_parameter to augment the actual workflow's known props, and get called only when required

    the defined workflow resembles that of some coworkers in an office.

current limitations

  • tasks under a dialog get called sequentially
  • workflows are not persistent