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Pack cplint -- README.md


cplint is a suite of programs for reasoning with probabilistic logic programs. It contains programs for both inference and learning.

You can find the manual at http://friguzzi.github.io/cplint/.

You can try it online at http://cplint.eu.


This is an SWI-Prolog pack.

It can be installed with pack_install/1

$ swipl
?- pack_install(cplint).


It requires the packs

bddem uses a foreign library and contains the library binaries for 32 and 64 bits Linux, MacOs and 64 bits Windows. If you want to recompile the foreign library you can use

?- pack_rebuild(bddem).

On 32 and 64 bits Linux this should work out of the box. On 64 bits Windows the library must be rebuilt by hand, see the pack page https://github.com/friguzzi/bddem.

You can upgrade the pack with

$ swipl
?- pack_upgrade(cplint).

Note that the packs on which cplint depends are not upgraded automatically in this case so they need to be upgraded manually.

Example of use

$ cd <pack>/cplint/prolog/examples
$ swipl
?- [coin].
?- prob(heads(coin),P).

Testing the installation

$ swipl
?- [library(cplint_test/test)].
?- test.


Other machine learning datasets are available in pack cplint_datasets.


Use the Google group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/cplint.