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Pack flux -- prolog/indigolog/flux_readme.txt

All code from FLUX was obtained freely from http://www.fluxagent.org/ New predicates were added to run FLUX interpreter on top of the whole IndiGolog arquitecture.

This implementation requires ECLIPSE Prolog, which can be obtained for free from the following address:


Last tested successfully with the following version of ECLIPSE:

Version 5.10 #44, Sun Jan 14 02:06 2007


Mini getting-started guide to get the Wumpus Example in FLUX running:

  1. Make sure the installation of IndiGolog is correct (read install at the root directory of IndiGolog)
    • Because this application runs on ECLIPSE Prolog, make sure the environment variable ECLIPSELIBRARYPATH points to PATH_INDIGOLOG/lib.
    • Even if the main application runs in ECLIPSE, SWI-Prolog is still required to run the Wumpus Simulator (the extra xterm that appears and communicates with the Wumpus Applet).
  2. Install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to your system. Make sure that 'java' invokes the Java application launcher. Also, note that JRE1.5 from SUN is tested to work, while the GNU Java Compiler (GJC) is reported to fail when executing the script at step 5.
  3. Go to directory <mypath>/indigolog-linux-0.5a/Examples/Wumpus-FLUX/WumpusApplet and execute script startWumpusGUI.
  4. Go to directory <mypath>/indigolog/Examples/Wumpus-FLUX and start ECLIPSE Prolog
  5. Consult main_ecl.pl and execute goal "main". Several controllers will be offered.
  6. Watch the IndiGolog Agent act in the Wumpus World applet.
  7. To run it once again, execute goal "main" again.