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Pack genutils -- prolog/termutils.pl
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 get_key(+Valid:list(char), -C:char) is det
Get and validate a key press from the user. The character must be one of the ones listed in Valid, otherwise, an error message is printed and the user prompted again.
 userchk(T) is semidet
Write T and ask this user if it is ok. User presses y or n. userchk succeeds if if the keypress was y and fails if it was n.
 termcap(-Cap:atom, -Type:atom) is nondet
Extracts two character termcap capabilities and types from TERMCAP environment variable. These can be used with tty_get_capability/3.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

 put_cap(Arg1, Arg2)
 status(Arg1, Arg2)
 msg(Arg1, Arg2)
 heading(Arg1, Arg2)
 ask(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3)