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Pack http2_client -- README.md

A Prolog HTTP/2 Client

This library is a work in progress

It currently does not support server push and assumes correct input from servers -- it is not robust in the face of server errors or invalid data being sent.

Only HTTP/2 over TLS is supported, which requires SWI-Prolog 7.7.19 or greater for TLS-ALPN support.

It is available as an SWI pack and can be installed by running ?- pack_install(http2_client).

Contributions extremely welcome

Requires the list_util and delay packs.

Uses the reif library.


:- use_module(library(http2_client)).

test_close_cb(Ctx, Data) :-
    debug(xxx, ">>> server closed ~w", [Data]),
test_cb(Ident, Headers, Body) :-
    debug(xxx, ">>>>> ~w~n>>> headers ~w~n>>>body ~s...", [Ident, Headers, Body]).
test(Ctx) :-
    http2_open('https://nghttp2.org', Ctx, [close_cb(http2_test:test_close_cb(Ctx))]),
    http2_request(Ctx, [':method'-'GET', ':path'-'/httpbin/ip'], [], test_cb(ip)),
    http2_request(Ctx, [':method'-'GET', ':path'-'/httpbin/headers'], [], test_cb(headers)),
    http2_request(Ctx, [':method'-'GET', ':path'-'/httpbin/get'], [], test_cb(get)).

?- test(Ctx).