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Pack jolog -- prolog/jolog.pl
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 start_jolog(+Module, +Main) is det
Start running Jolog code defined in Module. After creating the runtime environment, this predicate sends the Main message. Use that message to trigger the rest of your application. For example,
main :-  % starting point for Prolog
    start_jolog(user, go).
go &-  % starting point for Jolog
    ( one_process
    & another_process

start_jolog/2 returns when one of the following is true:

  • a message arrives on the halt/0 channel
  • no join patterns match and no further progress can be made
 start_jolog(+Module) is det
Like start_jolog/2 using main as the first message.
 send(+Message) is det
Sends a Jolog message to the relevant channel. Message should be a ground term whose functor indicates the channel and whose arguments indicate the message. For example, the following are legitimate messages:
send(hello)         % hello/0 channel
send(hello(world))  % hello/1 channel
send(foo(alpha,beta,gamma,delta))  % foo/4 channel
Nothing to see here. This is a junk predicate to keep Jolog macro expansion isolated to those modules that want it.