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--- Releases ---

Tbd: document @, & (remove fixme: code that might have been needed due to MAIN instead of PACK variable bug.).

2.10 @ 22.12.19 22.06.21 FIXED: in lib_mkdoc/1, wrap read/2 with catch/3 (that part of code needs attention) 21.07.17 DEPS: library(debug) + library(apply) DOC: rogue == was messing up code boxes

2.9 @ 21.01.23 21.01.23 FIXED: honour suggests_warns(false)

2.8 @ 20.09.18 20.08.09 DEPS; explicitly load lists 20.05.29 FIXED: rephrased informational message

2.7 @ 20.05.29 20.05.29 ADDED: native pack_install that deals with known SWI/pack incompatibilities here, to deal with the new pack.lib binaries required by 8.2.0 20.03.17 DOC: layout that was also breaking the tags 20.03.08 DOC: skeleton clarification + tiny typo

2.6 @ 20.09.08 20.03.08 FIX: the warning spewed by loading old (bio_db) module.

2.5 @ 19.05.08 19.05.05 IFACE: added lib(bioc(Lib)) implemented as a optionised special case of lib(r(Lib))

2.4 @ 19.04.21 19.04.21 FIXED: default of missing to suggest from suggests

2.3 @ 19.04.18 19.04.18 OPT: suggests_warns FLAG: lib_suggests_warns: auto, false, true IFACE: lib(r(Lib)) is now understood (via native r_lib/2) HOOK: lib_code_loader/3 19.03.04 DOC: suggests explanation of what happens 18.12.10 RETAB: replaced tabs by spaces 18.11.26 DOC: delete misleading clarification

2.2 @ 18.11.26 18.11.26 DOC: of new cells feature 18.11.25 LOAD: harmonize with library(Pack). now celled files load everything in that scenario

2.1 @ 18.11.23 18.11.22 IFACE: added & operator to module (was getting it from by_unix) 2.0 @ 18.11.22 18.11.22 FIXED: be more permissive about usr libs within modules/packs that may overall with user defined ones. if everything resolves to a single Repo-File then be happy about it 18.11.05 IFACE: &(pack) loads all cell files from cell/ 18.10.30 IFACE: first draft complete on pack cells FIXED: allow user to have multiple sources 18.10.29 IFACE: support for cells within packs 18.04.13 FIXED: remove extra comment for lib/2 (version )

1.7 @ 18.04.05 18.04.05 FIXED: auto-load of missing packs was broken ... 1.6 @ 18.03.18 18.01.24 ERROR: typo in lib_suggests error message IFACE: lib_suggests/2 OPTS: lib/2 suggests() DOC: added mode() opt doc in lib/2 18.01.08 IFACE: lib_promise/2. hot swapping of promised code IFACE: private packs (in src/packs) 17.08.22 ADDED: ??? debug() -> listing of all tables in lib_tables:

1.5 @ 17.08.15 17.08.15 ADDED: rel(Rel) for local locations rather than packs 17.08.08 CHANGE: local dirs should now either by absolute locations or wrapped in dir() or a compound that can be expanded to an abs location

1.4 @ 17.08.08 17.08.08 FIXED: install missing pack while lazy loading one of its predicates

1.3 @ 17.08.08 17.08.08 ADDED: question whether to contact the server when lib not local FIXED: broken downloading from pack server 17.04.27 ADDED: more debug messages FIXED: attaching repo that is already loaded 17.03.24 FIXED: cyclic execution when looking for non loadable explicit (mtx_heatmap/2 where b_real_lazy.pl does not exist). ADDED: warning if explicitly loaded pred is attempted from repo that has no lazy loader 17.03.12 FIXED: when Repo & Cxt are both user, could get duplicate sourcing CHANGE: import debugs are now before call FIXED: do not export->import if context = repo

1.2 @ 17.03.11 17.03.11 FIXED: missing cut in lib/3. 17.03.10 FIXED: lib_mkindex remove .pl which causes dict read problems

1.1 @ 17.03.10 17.03.10 ADDED: full lazy mode that can intermingle with full loading FIXED: innumerable bugs

1.0 @ 17.03.08 first public release