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Pack logicmoo_cg -- test/prologPlusCG/TODO.txt
  • [X] Go To Line dialog: Text field should receive focus.
  • [X] Go To Line dialog: Process Enter Key.
  • [X] Remove Save-button in Deploy Applet dialog.
  • [X] Rename 'OK' button to 'Deploy' in Deploy Applet Dialog.
  • [X] Clear debug console at new error/compile.
  • [X] Enter-key in prompt window must execute query if there is only whitespace after the period.
  • [X] Do not show message about saving when starting Deploy Applet.
  • [ ] Deploy Applet must warn if special characters ([^A-Za-z_0-9./\\]) are used in the file name.
  • [ ] Document prompt window.
  • [ ] Maintain history in prompt window.