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Pack logicmoo_ec -- prolog/ec_planner/code_icl/help_icl.txt

rule(R). asserts either a rule of the form H :- B or an atom. H <- B. is the same as rule((H :- B)). Rules with empty bodies (facts) must be written as H <- true. or as rule(H). random([h1:p1,...,hn:pn]). declares the hi to be pairwise disjoint hypotheses, with P(hi)=pi. random(X,h,[x1:p1,...,xn:pn]). declares h[X/xi] to be pairwise disjoint hypotheses with P(h[X/xi])=pi. controllable([h1,...,hn]). declares the hi to be pairwise disjoint controllable variables. explain(G,C). finds explanations of G given list of controlling values C. how(G,C,N). is used to explain the Nth explanation of G given C. diff(G,C,N,M) prints difference in the proof tree for the Nth and Mth explanation of G given C. check(G,C). checks for disjoint rules in the explanations of G given C. recap(G). recaps the explanations of G, with posterior probabilities (given G). recap. gives the prior probabilities of everything explained. thcons(filename). loads a file called filename. tracing(F). sets tracing to have status F which is one of {yes,no}. help. print this message.

You must exit the program and restart to reload a program. Reconsulting a program will NOT remove the old clauses and declarations.