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Filing an issue

Before filing an issue, please search the queue to make sure it hasn't already been reported.

If a bug, please include the following —

  1. What version of C3?
  2. What browsers have you confirmed it in?
  3. Can you isolate the issue by providing a jsFiddle demonstrating it in a minimalist capacity? Please do not ask for support using the issue queue. For support, please ask on chat or [the mailing list](groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/c3js).


  1. **Clone the repo from GitHub**
    git clone https://github.com/c3js/c3.git
    cd c3
  2. Acquire build dependencies. Make sure you have Node.js installed on your workstation. This is only needed to build C3 from sources. C3 itself has no dependency on Node.js once it is built. Now run:
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    npm install

    The first npm command sets up the popular Grunt build tool. You might need to run this command with sudo if you're on Linux or Mac OS X, or in an Administrator command prompt on Windows. The second npm command fetches the remaining build dependencies.

Building C3 from sources

npm run build


npm run dist

Now you'll find the built files in c3.js, c3.min.js, c3.css & c3.min.css.

Running the tests

npm run test

This command will automatically run the specification suite and report its results.

If you want to see specs running live in browser (e.g., for debugging), simply open `http://localhost:9876/` in your browser when phantomjs starts.

Building the document site (c3js.org)

First you need ruby and [bundler][] to build the documentation site.

Note: Currently the site doesn't build with ruby 2.5.x, so you need ruby 2.4.4 or below. ([rbenv][] is useful for switching between ruby versions.)

$ gem install bundler

Then you need to install bundler dependencies.

$ bundle install

Then hit the following command to build the site.

$ npm run watch:docs

Then access ``.

Contributing your changes

Add something about PRs here, indicate that PRs should not bump the version number & the build output files (c3.js, c3.min.js, c3.css & c3.min.css) should be excluded

[bundler]: https://bundler.io [rbenv]: https://github.com/rbenv/rbenv