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Pack logicmoo_workspace -- node_modules/printthis/changelog.txt

08/04/2018 Merged beforePrintEvent fix from Uriel2015 Bumpt to 1.15.1

05/15/2019 Added TypeScript definitions from nvirth Bumped to 1.15.0

11/03/2018 Added fix for canvas data attribute removal from apires03 Bumped to 1.14.1

07/15/2018 Merge support for print event handlers from eakkew Include fix for CSS Variables (via inline styles set on HTML tag) Make documentation consistent Bump to 1.14.0

07/15/2018 Merge removeInlineSelector to filter which inline styles are removed from kory75 Remove "experimental" tag from Canvas support. We're pretty stable at this point Bump to 1.13.0

03/18/2018 Fixed importStyle Bumped to 1.12.3

01/10/2018 Merged fix for top-level Canvas support Bumped to 1.12.2

12/17/2017 Merged fix for jQuery version limit from nip3o Bumped to 1.12.1

10/30/2017 Merged simpler form clone from Subtletree Updated README to correct 1.9.1 reference to past-tense Bumped to 1.12.0

08/01/2017 Added copyTagClasses, disabled by default, to copy body & html tag classes from the page Updated README documentation for removeScripts Updated README to remove old versions number from canvas support to prevent confusion Bumped to 1.11.0

04/06/2017 Added action, disabled by default, to avoid bringing unwanted scripts into the print iframe. Removed undocumented helper function $.fn.outer Reformatted example text with valid JS comments Bumped to 1.10.0 for new feature (removeScripts)

03/07/2017 Added clone action for header or footer jQuery objects to prevent originals being removed. Bumped to 1.9.1

01/16/2017 Added experimental canvas copy support. Added detailed descriptions of advanced options to README Bumped to 1.9.0 for new feature (canvas).

01/16/2017 Added footer as proposed in 2015 by @RomainGehrig Bumped version to 1.8.0 for new feature Corrected 1.7.1 changelog date to 01/15/2017

01/15/2017 Added quoting around values to correct behavior of complex values Bumped to 1.7.1

12/14/2016 Added support for arbitrary BASE urls. Bumped to 1.7.0, following semver (new feature).

12/13/2016 Incremented to 1.6.0 for new base setting.

11/23/2016 added new base option. Preserves the BASE tag from the parent page.

11/07/2014 Fixed bug; Recent versions of Firefox are not applying the parent document domain to elements without fully qualified srcs. Added a <base>.

10/25/2014 Fixed bug; <styles> being copied to print iframe were being removed from parent Added ability to use loadCSS with multiple stylesheets

09/21/2014 added import of style tags

05/12/2014 added formValues option. Preserves entered form data for print.

10/11/2013 added printDelay option. Sometimes 333 isn't enough added header option -- inserts html before selected content, for images ensure to use full path

03/08/2013 added option to remove inline styles from print elements

03/04/2013 fixed showstopper with IE and document.domain major rework of file structure/methods added "pageTitle" option some minor rework of other areas

11/23/2012 fixed showstopper with Firefox: moved variable $doc to within setTimeout function

11/11/2012 reworked plugin to use a jQuery object removed document.write added setTimeout (waits for iframe to full render before action)

11/07/2012 added support for loading css files removed Opera option, left in by default added timeout to remove iframe after 60 seconds added unique name to iframe