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3.0.1 - 2013-12-12

  • Issue #180: Add 'tags' method to retrieve tags (LukeL99)
  • Issue #169: Fix 'AjaxPushAllTags' option (mpseidel)
  • Issue #153: Correct documentation related to hiddenTagListId (fogs)
  • Issue #178: Fix 'OnlyTagList' option (sebet)
  • Issue #176: Add bower.json for Bower support (noirbizarre)
  • Issue #168: Constructor should not return undefined (aurbano)
  • Issue #163: Add new event tm:duplicated when there is a duplicated tag (aurbano)
  • Use jQuery.map() instead of native JS map() (apperception)
  • Add composer.json for PHP projects (fogs)
  • Fix various issues related to jQuery refactor (dave0783)

3.0.0 - 2013-08-22

  • Refactor tagmanager.js to confirm to jQuery plugin standards (dave0783)
  • Add jQuery event hooks (dave0783)
  • Add support for Twitter Typeahead.js
  • Drop support for Twitter Bootstrap v2 Typeahead (which is abandoned since Bootstrap v3)
  • Refactor tagmanager.js to confirm to jQuery plugin standards (dave0783)
  • Rename all files from "bootstrap-tagmanager" to "tagmanager"

2.4.3 - 2012-12-12

  • FINAL RELEASE on 2.x branch. 2.x code is now in deep freeze.
  • Issue #185: Sort out versioning for Bower (joelleibow)
  • Issue #148: Run library through js-lint (uxtx)
  • Issue #147: Correct issue with AJAX method GET (was being coerced to POST) (brearley)
  • Issue #143: Do not suppress tab key if the field is currently empty (pangwa)
  • Issue #142: Fix popover bug (martinbuezas)
  • Persist options state when calling tagManager actions (popTag, pushTag, etc.) (dincho)
  • Use $.map instead of native .map (danmusk)

2.4.2 - 2012-07-15

  • Issue #132: Escape tags for display instead of emitting it as raw HTML (chkwok)
  • Issue #125: Fixed AjaxPushAllTags (henryoswald)
  • Issue #125: Fix typeaheadSource check if object or function in pushTag (zkwentz)
  • Issue #127: Replace array.indexOf with $.inArray to support IE8 (Leonidaz)
  • Issue #126: Fix for onlyTagList true when pushing tag (zkwentz)
  • Issue #118: Fix problem with onlyTagList when using typeaheadAjaxSource (stalinb87)
  • Issue #110: re-add onlyTagList feature which was accidentally deleted (johnnyshields)
  • Wrap jQuery in a no-conflict wrapper; use $ instead of jQuery consistently (johnnyshields)
  • Issue #94: 'pushTag' method does not call validator if configured (johnnyshields)

2.4.1 - 2012-05-04

  • Feature: Added API parameter 'AjaxPushParameters', which enables a custom payload on AJAX push requests (kingofthejungle)
  • Feature: Added support for 'prefilled' parameter as a function (cliffordwhansen)
  • Feature: Added API parameter 'typeaheadAjaxMethod' as "GET" or "POST" (default "POST") for retrieving typeahead values via AJAX (santoshs)
  • Feature: Auto-detect whether delimiters codes should be handled as keys or chars, and use appropriate event callback, i.e. keydown for keys, keypress for chars (johnnyshields)
  • Feature: Use the first ASCII (non-key) delimiter code as the base delimiter for string storage (johnnyshields)
  • Refactor: Move event initializer for AjaxPushAllTags into same place as other event initializers, and removed isInitialized variable (johnnyshields)
  • Refactor: Cleanup trimTag() method and apply it consistently to pushTag() (johnnyshields)
  • Fix: Correct typo of delimeters -> delimiters in Typrescript definition (johnnyshields)
  • Fix: Clean whitespace around tags when calling pushTag() (quocvu)
  • Fix: Version 2.4.0 was erronously requiring that the tag input have class attribute specified (johnnyshields)
  • Fix: jQuery.browser method is no longer supported as of jQuery 1.9, so using native JS method (johnnyshields)
  • Deprecations: Mark parameters preventSubmitOnEnter, isClearInputOnEsc, deleteTagsOnBackspace as deprecated, as they will be hardcoded to their default values in v3.0 (johnnyshields)


  • Feature: Use Bootstrap semantic colors in LESS and CSS (johnnyshields)
  • Feature: Added auto-prefill from hidden field if a hiddenTagListId option is set (johnnyshields)
  • Feature: Interpolate tag class from the input control class (johnnyshields)
  • Feature: API parameter 'typeaheadDelegate' should always pass-through to the Bootstrap typehead instance (johnnyshields)
  • Feature: (#53) Add new API parameter 'AjaxPushAllTags', which enables a mode to sync the entire tag state via AJAX (rather than incrementally) each time a tag is added/deleted. (sumegizoltan)
  • Feature: Add new API parameter 'onlyTagList' which constrains the input to only options within the typeaheadSource (rishijain)
  • Feature: Add Typescript definitition (sumegizoltan)
  • Fix: TM initialization before the DOM tree (kenshin)
  • Fix: Correct spelling API parameter delimeter -> delimiter. Old spelling still works (johnnyshields)
  • Fix: Prevent double-initialization of TagManager (johnnyshields)
  • Fix: (#11) Fix selection from Typeahead list in Firefox (sumegizoltan)
  • Fix: (#51) Fix name selector by adding quotes (sumegizoltan)
  • Fix: (#49, #50) Fix typeahead overrides when typeahead is not used (sumegizoltan)
  • Admin: Added docs.html and docs.css which are pulled by welldonethings.com every 5 minutes (max-favilli)
  • Admin: Add package.json (max-favilli)
  • Admin: Add CHANGELOG.md (johnnyshields)
  • Sync: Regenerate CSS from LESS

2.3.0 and prior

Refer to GitHub commit history: https://github.com/max-favilli/tagmanager/commits/master