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Pack mime -- README.md

SWI-Prolog pack for processing MIME messages

This repository provides the pack mime, which may be installed using the following command on a machine where the required C development tools are installed (e.g., Linux is fine):

?- pack_install(mime).

It provides library(mime), based on the maildrop library.


For a long time library(mime) was part of the standard clib package of SWI-Prolog. It was used for decoding multipart-mime HTTP requests. The library was a big overkill for this problem though. The current HTTP framework provides a lightweight alternative. As is, we consider this library too large, having too many dependencies and too little applications to justify it as a core component.


The interface is licensed using the BSD-2 license. The maildrop sources have been made available to SWI-Prolog under the LGPL2 license.