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Pack multimodal_dcg -- README.md


Reduce floundering of DCGs by constraining and narrowing search

 :- pack_install('https://github.com/TeamSPoon/multimodal_dcg.git').

:- use_module(library(multimodal_dcg)).

predicate_named(Pred) --> dcgAnd(theText(Text),dcgLenBetween(1,5)).

:- must(dcgAnd(dcgLenBetween(5,1),theText(_Text),[a,b,c],[])).
:- must(predicate_named(_P,[proper,-,named],[])).

Some TODOs

Document this pack!

Write tests

Untangle the 'pack' install deps (Moving predicates over here from logicmoo_base)

Not obligated to maintain a git fork just to contribute

Dislike having tons of forks that are several commits behind the main git repo?

Be old school - Please ask to be added to TeamSPoon and Contribute directly !

Still, we wont stop you from doing it the Fork+PullRequest method

BSD 2-Clause License

Copyright (c) 2017, TeamSPoon and Douglas Miles <logicmoo@gmail.com> All rights reserved.