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    January 1994 version.

    Enquiries to: Irene Stahl, stahl@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de Birgit Tausend, tausend@informatik.uni-stuttgart.de

    MILES is a flexible environment for tests with ILP methods and operators authored by Irene Stahl, Birgit Tausend, Bernhard Jung, Markus Mueller and Thorsten Volz. It is described in the file miles/doc/docu.ps.

    To run MILES, you need Quintus Prolog v3.1.1 on a Sun. To work without the X-interface X-MILES, load the file miles.pl. Then you have access to all operators as specified in the file /miles/doc/SYSTEM. To invoke X-MILES, load the file xm.pl (in prolog, NOT in qui). Calling xm starts the X user interface. It can be suspended by pressing the 'Quit X-MILES'-button, and restarted by typing again xm. Before running xm, ensure that you have set the DISPLAY variable and the resource directory correctly by typing

    setenv DISPLAY <your-machine>:0.0 setenv XAPPLRESDIR ~/miles/xmiles_resources/

    Also ensure that you have set the file search path in the file miles.pl according to your environment.