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Pack onepointfour_basics -- prolog/dict_pp/string_stuff.pl
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This module collects a few very simple and very specialized helper predicates dealing with strings in the context of dict prettyprinting, which just add noise to the main module. So they are here, in a separate module.

The homepage for this module is at


 max_line_width(+Lines, -MaxLineWidth)
Find "maximum line width" over all lines (this means find "max string length" as the lines are strings)
 make_tag_line(+Tag, +MaxLineWidth, +PadLeft, +PadRight, +SettingsDict, -Result)
Create the TagLineOut (a string) with the dict's tag Tag by justifying the tag inside that line according to the values passed. In principle, the length of string Tag =< MaxLineWidth. At call time, Tag should be an atom or an integer, but we cannot be sure, so we pump it through format/3 once. Note that is likely that both PadLeft and PadRight are 0.

Explainer for the various values:

  |<-----PadLeft--->|<---- MaxLineWidth ---->|<----PadRight----------->|
  |                 |left_justified_tag      |                         |
  |                 |     right_justified_tag|                         |
  |                 |  center_justified_tag  |                         |
  |full_left_justified_tag                   |                         |
  |                 |                        | full_right_justified_tag|
  |                 |    full_center_justified_tag                     |

SettingsDict may carry:

justify_tag : left,right,center , default: center justify_tag_full : true, false , default: true

To be done
- justify_how/4 could be extended to not perform assertion checks internally. Maybe.
- justify_how/4 generates trailing spaces in "Result", which might be unwanted.
 make_bordery_lines(+MaxLineWidth, +PadLeft, +PadRight, -HorizontalBorderResult, -BackgroundResult)
A packaged call to perform make_horizontal_border_line/2 and make_background_line_with_border/2.
 make_background_line_for_padding(+MaxLineWidth, +PadLeft, +PadRight, -Result)
Create a "background line" for padding only: it's just whitespace.