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Pack pack_errors -- doc/Releases.txt

--- Releases ----

2.2 @ 22.12.29 22.02.06 IFACE: input_file_missing(Os) added 20.08.17 DEPS explicit loading of autoload SWI libs

2.1 @ 19.04.22 19.04.22 LICENCE: tag as MIT 19.02.25 OPTS: option(Oname) can now be part of the source identification 19.01.06 DOC: fix Opts intentention and prose 18.10.12 OPTS: mutliple preds are now shown as trails 2.0 @ 18.10.01 18.10.01 OPTS: on_true(OnTrue=true) 18.09.30 OPTS: err() and rename of severity() to message() 18.09.25 IFACE: completetly switch to Options via throw/2 RMV: a lot of the old entry points DOC: all examples have been updated to new call methods EXAMPLE: new examples/fold_data_errors.pl from docs CLEAN: streamlined options and throwing, more work on doc ERROR: changed unknown_token/2 to wrong_token/2 CHANGE: fully decoupling of mess vs execution DOC: complete for 2.0 18.09.24 IFACE: of_same_length/1,2,3 added OPTS: severity(Svr) in throw/2
1.0 @ 18.03.18 18.01.06 IFACE: defined/2;3 ADDED: tracer options: pack, pred & pack_format options to throw/2 17.08.22 IFACE: lengths_mismatch/5, generalised /4 for terms and op 17.06.27 ADDED: @() as an alias to call() in type/3's 1st argument
0.3 @ 17.03.06 17.03.06 CLEAN: removed refs to pack(lib/requires) 17.03.06 CHANGE: interface to arg_ground related preds 16.12.10 MOVED: throw/2 into the pack from pack(options) 16.11.23 ADDED: type/2,3 ADDED: handling of pack_error/1 16.11.10 ADDED: error unknown_token/2 ADDED: ground/2 16.09.09 CLEAN: split throw/2 from caught/3 and moved it to pack(options) IFACE: global flag for controlling printing of Arg in arg_ errorrs prolog_flag(pack_errors_arg,false) ERROR: arg_enumerate/3 CHANGE: arg related errors should now start with arg_

0.2 @ 16.02.24 16.02.24 UPDATE: for os_lib (0.5)

0.1 @ 16.01.30 first public release