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Pack pepl -- Readme.txt
  1. Licence

    This software is distributed under the MIT licence.

  2. Introduction

    These programs (Pepl) implement and demonstrate parameter estimation (PE) in SLPs, using the FAM algorithm. For more information on how to use these programs see, doc/user_guide.ps.gz. In doc/pfam.ps.gz are some reading notes on the implementation of the FAM algorithm.

  3. Installation

    You most likely already done that. Pe-pl is distributed as Prolog source code that can be run on the following Prolog systems:

    Yap (tested on 6.3)
    Swi tested on 7.1.4.

    Older versions are known to run on:

    SICStus (last tested on 3.10, Pepl sources are now well out of date)
    On Swi you can install with
            ?- pack_install( pepl ).
    On Yap simply download the latest sources from
    then gunzip and untar the downloaded file.
  4. Quick start.

    On SWI, start swipl, and



    main. main_store. main_sample. main_exact. (alias for main)

    On Yap, cd to the Pepl's examples directory start yap, and then

    [main]. main. main_store. main_sample. main_exact. (alias for main)

    See main_* files in examples/ for more examples and doc/ for documentation.

  5. Contact

    Nicos Angelopoulos, http://stoics.org.uk/~nicos

    London, February 2017