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Pack plchatscript -- README.md


Prolog interface to the ChatScript chatbot engine.

You will need to install ChatScript from here

And run the server by running

C:\docs\chatscript\chatscript.exe port=4050 userlog serverctrlz

on windows or

./LinuxChatScript64 port=4050 userlog serverctrlz

on linux.

Note that on Linux you'll need SWI-Prolog 7.3.0 or better,

set the chatscript address at


then for each user, start a conversation with

start_conversation(someuser, '', Reply)

the '' is the name of the bot. The '' is the default bot.

then for each volley, use talk/4


1.0.6 improve failure recovery 1.0.7 chnaged readme, and fixed version 1.0.8 fighting darn pack system 1.0.9 even more fighting darned pack system