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Pack prolog_library_collection -- prolog/pagination.pl
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This module creates pages that group results.

?- pagination(N, between(1, 1000000, N), options{page: 856}, Result).
Result = _G120{number_of_results:20, page:856, page_size:20, results:[17101, 17102, 17103, 17104, 17105, 17106, 17107, 17108|...]} ;
Result = _G147{number_of_results:20, page:857, page_size:20, results:[17121, 17122, 17123, 17124, 17125, 17126, 17127, 17128|...]} ;
Result = _G147{number_of_results:20, page:858, page_size:20, results:[17141, 17142, 17143, 17144, 17145, 17146, 17147, 17148|...]}
 pagination(+Templ, :Goal_0, -Page:dict) is det
 pagination(+Templ, :Goal_0, +Options:options, -Page:dict) is det
 pagination(+Templ, :Goal_0, :Estimate_1, +Options:options, -Page:dict) is det
Options- The following options are supported:
The page number of the Page in the implicit sequence. The default is 1.
The number of results per (full) page. The default is 10.
Page- is a dictionary with the following keys:
The number of results on the page. This is either identical to or less than the value of option page_size/1.
The page number of the page within the implicit sequence.
The number of results if the page were full. This is identical to the value of option page_size/1.
The results that are held by this Page.
A dirty hack to allow ‘pagination’ of one page, i.e., without ‘next’ links.
The total number of results, independent of pagination. This is only present when etimation goal Estimate_1 is passed.
 pagination_bulk(:Goal_1, +Options:options, -Page:dict) is nondet
 pagination_bulk(?Template, :Goal_0, +Options:options, -Page:dict) is nondet
 pagination_is_at_end(+Page:dict) is semidet
Succeeds if Page is the last page.

Since we do not know the total number of results, the last page may be empty.

 pagination_is_empty(+Page:dict) is semidet
 pagination_page(+Page:dict, +Relation:atom, -PageNumber:positive_integer) is semidet
pagination_page(+Page:dict, -Relation:atom, -PageNumber:positive_integer) is nondet
PageNumber is the first, last, next, and previous page number for Page.

Fails silently when there is no page with relation Relation.

Relation- is either `first', `last', `next', or `prev'.
PageNumber- is a positive integer.
 pagination_range(+Page:dict, -Range:pair(nonneg)) is det
Returns the range of results that is spanned by the given Page.

Undocumented predicates

The following predicates are exported, but not or incorrectly documented.

 pagination(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)
 pagination(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4, Arg5)
 pagination_bulk(Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Arg4)