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Pack prolog_library_collection -- prolog/xsd.pl
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- XML Schema 1.1 Part 2 ― Datatypes
 xsd_date_time(+RdfDateTime:compound, +DatatypeIri:atom, -XsdDateTime:compound) is det
xsd_date_time(-RdfDateTime:compound, ?DatatypeIri:atom, +XsdDateTime:compound) is det
 xsd_date_time_type(+DatatypeIri:atom) is semidet
xsd_date_time_type(-DatatypeIri:atom) is multi
Turtle 1.1 ECHAR (backslash escape sequences) are handled by turtle:turtle_write_quoted_string/2. This encoding predicate only takes care of restrictions that are specific to `xsd:string'.
 xsd_numeric_type(+DatatypeIri:atom) is semidet
xsd_numeric_type(-DatatypeIri:atom) is multi
 xsd_strict_subtype(?Sub:atom, ?Super:atom) is nondet
 xsd_subtype(?Sub:atom, ?Super:atom) is nondet