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Pack rtp_qsndqs -- prolog/rtp_qs.pl
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Offers a Prolog implementation of queues with constant time basic operations and full version reusability. The implementation is based on Bouma (2012), referenced below. Time guarantees and determinism indications apply to the cases in which the predicate signature is respected.

In the signatures, +Q:queue means that Q is an input argument and must be sufficiently instantiated, that is, it is a valid queue representing term as constructed by a queue outputting predicate. Due to the design of the datastructure, these need not be ground.

- Gerlof Bouma, Uni Gothenburg
See also
- Bouma, Gerlof. 2012. Real-time Persistent Queues and Deques with Logic Variables (Declarative Pearl). In Schrijvers and Thiemann (Eds), Functional and Logic Programming, Proceedings of the 11th International Symposium FLOPS 2012, LNCS 7294, pp. 62-72, Heidelberg: Springer.
- http://spraakbanken.gu.se/personal/gerlof/home
- Loading together with rtp_dqs.pl somehow doesn't work.
 empty_queue(?Q:queue) is semidet
Holds of the empty queue.
 pop_queue(+Q_old:queue, ?El, -Q_new:queue) is semidet
Removes ?El from the front of Q_old to give Q_new.

May fail if ?El cannot be unified with the front element of Q_old or if Q_old is empty.

 inject_queue(?El, +Q_old:queue, -Q_new:queue) is det
Adds El to the back of Q_old to give Q_new.
 push_queue(?El, +DQ_old:queue, -DQ_new:queue) is det
Adds El to the front of DQ_old to give DQ_new.

( This extension of the version presented in the paper makes the datastructure an output-restricted double-ended queue. )

 poplist_queue(+Q_old:queue, ?Els:list, -Q_new:queue) is nondet
Pops elements from Q_old onto Els to give Q_new. See pop_queue/3.

Gives a.o. quick (and dirty?) ways of implementing queue-to-list ( poplist_queue(Q_old,Els,Q_new), empty(Q_new) ) and `take N' ( length(N,Els), poplist(Q_old,Els,Q_new) ).

 injectlist_queue(+Els:list, +Q_old:queue, -Q_new:queue) is det
Injects elements of Els into Q_old to give Q_new.
 pushlist_queue(+Els:list, +Q_old:queue, -Q_new:queue) is det
Pushs elements of Els onto Q_old to give Q_new.